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When I decided that I was going to propose to my fiancée I knew that I did not want to go to a jewelry chain in the mall but rather have a custom ring made for her. Not knowing really where to start I took to Google which led me to Yelp reviews about Uptown Diamond. After reading these I chose to stop in one day to meet Rick. I was expecting his office to be a jewelry store not a private office in the bottom of a office building so I did not make an appointment. As soon as I walked in the door the receptionist was very friendly and immediately called back to see if Rick could see me. Within seconds he was in the lobby walking me back to his office (which by the way is AMAZING. Covered in memorabilia from his athletic championship past designs.) We sat down and I showed him pictures of what I wanted to design. He said it would not be a problem and to email him the pictures. We talked about the diamonds that would wrap around the band and instead of trying to upsell me on them he told me exactly the size and clarity I SHOULD get so not to take away from the center stone. After we decided on this and the material for the band he told me he would have his graphic designer come up with artwork for the ring and email the pictures to me. Next step would be to approve artwork and then he would print out a 3D image of the ring so we could place center stone in to see and approve ring before the actual manufacturing process. What an easy and painless process. I visited the office 3 times. Once to meet him. Once to approve 3D image. And once to pick up ring. Rick is a super nice guy and I could not have asked for a better experience! I’ve actually sent a couple of friends to him since. Highly recommend!


Thanks to Rick and his team at Uptown Diamond I had the perfect, custom, one of a kind ring to ask Jaclyn to be my wife.

Next step figuring out where and how. I wanted the proposal to be something she would remember forever and would want to tell her friends and family about.

Rick asked me how I was planning on proposing and I honestly was not sure. We had a trip planned to Italy with a group of friends in the coming month and asked him what he thought about then. We both agreed that was the trip to do it on because she would have no clue being it was a group trip.

The trip included Rome, Florence, and Venice. From everyone I spoke to they said Rome was the least romantic place to propose if I was going to pick out of the three locations. The places I found that might have been good locations were under construction. Talking with my friends we thought it would be better to propose in Rome so the rest of the trip could be an engagement party. I carried the ring in my jacket pocket the whole time waiting for the perfect time. Everyone but Jaclyn knew what was going on. Our second day in Rome we did a guided tour of the Colosseum followed by Palatine Hill. I thought maybe the Colosseum would be a great place but was so crowded and touristy. Then we began our tour of Palatine Hill. Jaclyn and I split off from the tour with another couple we were traveling with and the girls saw this amazing tree they wanted to take their picture under. They handed us the cameras and took off for the tree. My buddy leans over and says, “This might be the spot.” I already knew it was. Jaclyn loves taking pictures of nature and there was nobody around. After we took the girls picture I said I wanted to take one with Jaclyn. When we got to the tree I told her how much I loved her and how happy I was to be there with her. I told her there is nobody I love more in the world and no one else I want raising my children. Finally I got to pull the ring box out of my jacket pocket and get down on one knee and ask her to give me the honor of being my wife. She was stunned. She had no clue. The expression on her face when she first saw the ring will forever be engrained in my mind. She said yes! Afterwards she told me she couldn’t figure out why I was talking so much and not posing for the picture until I popped the question! The rest of the trip was amazing.

She loves the ring so much she sleeps in it! Thanks Rick. You helped make both our dreams come true!

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