Patriotic Proposal

How we met:

Ashley and Iann met in 2008 at the OU vs. Nebraska football game. Iann, who lived in Houston at the time, was in town to see the game with friends, Ashley was a student at OCU and had started hanging out with some of Iann’s friends in the OKC area. After the game everyone went to O’Connell’s (the original one) and now we are sad they’ve moved it (what are they thinking??!!). And that is where their 7-year courtship started. It may seem like a long time, but Iann knew how great of a prize Ashley was and he was happy to start this 7-year inception.

Both of them worked to stay in touch over the years as pursuing their dreams kept them 1,600 miles apart.

In 2012 fate stepped in. It was well known that Iann would return to Houston after business school and Ashley received an offer to work in Dallas or Houston after graduating from law school. Knowing where Iann would end up, Ashley accepted the Houston offer. [Editor’s Note: This paragraph is full of lies. Ashley accepted her job in Houston 6 months before Iann even started interviewing in Houston (which he undoubtedly did because he knew she would be there).]

Soon after they both got settled in with their new jobs they started slowly (wink) dating.


The Engagement:

The happy couple decided to spend the 4th of July in Washington D.C. because, well it’s awesome and they love America.

In secret, Iann started talking to all of his friends who had ever spent an hour in the city gathering sites to see, things to do and places to propose (Shout out to Daniel, Sylvain, Ryan & Paul – thanks guys!!) His master plan was hatched.

However, panic quickly set in when hurricane Arthur decided to roll up the East Coast. Iann went into a panic (no, there was no backup plan). Fortunately, no flights were cancelled, no plans had to be amended and the weather was actually perfect.

After spending Friday the 4th with friends and having a great time, Ashley and Iann went to see the Lion King at the Kennedy Center on July 5th.

After the show, they took a leisurely walk for one of them and a very nervous walk for the other one through the amazing building and onto the rooftop terrace where breath taking views of the Potomac River and the nation’s capital created the perfect backdrop.

Iann pulled Ashley into the shade (which is where his secret photographer had told him they needed to be for optimal lighting) and told her how much he loved her. He told her that he never wanted to spend a day without her in his life. And then she cried. And squealed. And asked if this was real.


Funny Story:

For the month leading up to the proposal, Iann had been talking to the Kennedy Center about his plans. they recommended a photographer they used (Yassine El Mansouri) so Iann reached out to him and the two of them hatched a plan to get great photos of Ashley and Iann’s engagement.

The terrace at the Kennedy Center almost always has a couple people looking at the views but it is large enough where those people wouldn’t be close enough to interfere with the deed.

As the moment arrived, the happy couple walked through the last door to the terrace. At that moment, Yassine was walking in the same door and almost bumped into them. Ashley was very unsuspecting and though that his large cameras were just for the scenery (and they were, wink wink).

After safely passing through the door, Yassine followed from a distance taking pictures all the while. However he wasn’t watching where he was walking and bumped into a lady. At the exact moment Yassine stopped to apologize to the lady, Ashley took a peek around to take in the view. Ashley saw Yassine talking to the lady and assumed they were together. So, Ashley continued to enjoy the view with Iann unsuspecting of what was about to happen.


Congrats to the happy couple from all of us at Uptown Diamond!



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