Nick & Dilara Mundy

Dilara and I have been dating for eighteen months and as odd as it sounds, Conan O’Brien and his show CONAN, has been a constant in our relationship. It all started when we first met and I told her that I was going to be in a sketch on the show the following week. She thought it was a line.. and it was, but nevertheless she agreed to go on a proper date the next week, which would be the start of our relationship.

A few months later and a bunch of dates, I got cast as the lead of a sketch on CONAN called “Gold4Gold”. It was a pretty big deal and the staff at CONAN gave me two seats to the taping and the only person I wanted to bring was Dilara. As the show started, I got pretty nervous and didn’t even realize that I was squeezing her hand way too hard. She told me to “calm down, dummy” and I did. The sketch aired, the audience loved it and I looked at Dilara, who was beaming with pride and slight embarrassment and I knew I wanted to be with her forever.

A few months later, Dilara got a job at The Pete Holmes Show (which Conan produced) as a graphic designer and on her first day I was doing another sketch right next door. Then five months later, it was her last day at Pete Holmes but she got to watch me do my first live sketch while hanging out in the Green Room with Ice Cube. Just to clarify things, Ice Cube plays no part in our relationship going further, I just wanted to brag a little.

While Dilara was at Pete Holmes, they asked her if she ever did any animation. she said yes even though she had very little experience, but her natural talent grew and led her to making some incredible animations for the show. The quality of her work soon spread to the offices of Team Coco, Conan’s digital arm, and they employed her to make some animations for the website. This led to Conan himself watching her work, and he loved it so much that he put her cartoon aptly titled Adam Sandler and the Fantastic Mystery of Shaw’s Penis ON AIR. He even mentioned her name before the start of the piece, something he rarely does. Now she is currently working on three more animations.

So it’s safe to say that Conan has been a big part of our lives. So when I got the ring, I had to figure out a great place to propose, somewhere important, somewhere that means something to us. I got to thinking and I came up with two places: Conan’s stage or the terrible dive bar that we met at. I went with Conan.

I had a good friend at the show, Vana, call Dilara in for a “big meeting” which prompted Dilara to freak and think about all the implications this meeting could have for her career. She immediately went shopping, bought a new outfit for the meeting and updated her portfolio, all while thinking “what could this meeting be about?” I really hoped me proposing would soften the blow of there being no meeting.

Her “meeting” was set at four and I got there an hour before to get ready. I spent that hour pacing back and forth and talking to Richard Dreyfuss. Suddenly, I got a text from Vana that she was walking up to the stage. It was go time. A minute later she turned the corner at the other end of the stage, and with a look of confusing said “What are you doing here?” Then she saw the photographer and it hit her. I walked up to her, apologized about there being no actual meeting, got down on one knee, and she said “of course dummy” and it was the best moment of my life.


– Nick Mundy



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