Nick & Anais Proposal Story

On this beautiful Saturday morning, I woke her up by serving her coffee from the cafe where we had our first date. We both reminisced about how our love began to grow the instant we met at that little coffee shop.

After finishing our coffee, we headed to Memorial Park for what she thought was going to be a run. Memorial Park was the site of our 2nd date, and where I was denied our first kiss! I was extremely embarrassed, but this was Anais’ favorite story to tell. I was thinking a kiss goodbye, and she was thinking that just a hug would be sufficient. It turned into an awkward embrace where my lips landed on the side of her face.

So on this return trip to Memorial Park, I was hoping for a little redemption and praying that I would not be rejected a 2nd time! Instead of taking the normal course though Memorial Park, I suggested that we go through the trails leading to the Arboretum. We walked though the trails holding hands and taking in the beautiful scenery. Several times we stopped to look at wildlife, butterflies, and the many flowers. With each stop my heart would beat more rapidly as I was looking for the perfect spot to propose. About two miles into the trails, we reached an observation deck overlooking the Bayou. I knew this was the spot! My hands began to shake and my voice began to crack as I got down on one knee to profess my love for this woman. I can barely remember saying the words, “Will you marry me?” but I do remember the smile on her face and tears in her eyes when she said yes! We walked back the way we came only stopping to hold each other, and to observe the beautiful diamond ring sparkling on her finger.

That evening I took her out to CityCentre for dinner where he had our 3rd date. This was also the place where I made my 2nd, but this time successful, attempt at a kiss. It was a wonderful day of revisiting our first 3 dates that ended with celebrating our engagement.

Thank you again Rick for all of your help. I put a great deal of planning into the proposal, and it went perfectly with the beautiful ring I purchased from you.

I’ll be sure to come back for the wedding bands!


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