Mitchell & Angie Proposal Story

ring_mitch_powell-jpgOn the Thursday leading up to the first weekend in November, we flew to Los Angeles, got a rental car, and let the top down. We drove through a canyon first and then up the coast to Santa Barbara, where we stayed for the weekend. That cool west coast breeze on our drive was the perfect start to our weekend.

The following day we did one of our favorite things—drank wine. We drove to the Santa Ynez Valley and visited a few wineries, including our favorite winery, where we enjoyed a bottle of our favorite wine. The one request Mitch had on this trip, was for us to enjoy the sunset on the beach one evening. I absolutely love watching the sunset, so we chose Friday night (the sooner, the better, right?), and we headed back to our hotel. Our hotel happened to be right across the street from the beach, so once we got back from the wineries, we went and just sat on the beach for a while taking in the massive ocean, the noise of the waves, and the beauty of mixed colors in the sky. We then decided to go on a little walk along the beach. After walking for a couple minutes, we found some big rocks and I asked Mitch if I could set his phone up on one of the rocks, so we could take a picture with the pretty background; he said “sure.”

So I positioned his phone on one of the rocks, set the timer, and then ran and jumped in his arms for the picture. Once I knew the picture was taken, I went to see how it turned out. It was a bit blurry, so we tried again. This time it worked! I told him we got it, and for the FIRST time ever, Mitch suggested we take “one more, just in case.” I, of course, said yes, and set the camera and timer up again, and then ran to jump in his arms. However, this time he didn’t just catch me and wait for the picture to be taken. Instead, he caught me and then immediately tossed me up in the air so I would land back on my feet. I was confused as to why he did that, but about 1 second later, Mitch dropped down to one knee and proposed!! My reaction quickly went from “why did you push me off?” to “OH MY GOSH, YES!!!” (And when the timer went off, you can see in the picture my jaw dropped while I am literally saying “oh my gosh!”) It was an amazing moment and overall vacation that we will always remember.

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