Johnny & Nina

The proposal went off without a hitch and my, now fiance, had absolutely no idea! I’m always looking to travel to new cities, so I suggested that we both visit Chicago for fun. This is typical of my behavior so she had absolutely no idea what I was plotting. Months prior, my childhood friend, turned pro photographer, and I had been putting together a plan on where and how we would execute the proposal in Chicago. Everything was planned out and the day was fast approaching.

Upon arrival in Chicago, I was delighted to be greeted by gorgeous weather and my secret still intact. I had an irrational fear that upon walking through the TSA checkpoint, the x-ray worker would congratulate me when they saw the ring and spoil the surprise. The fear of being thrown in jail for disorderly conduct also crossed my mind since if anyone were to spoil the surprise, it had to be me!

The proposal was to happen in the South Gardens next to the Art Institute of Chicago, so the weather had to be on my side or we’d have to go to Plan B. No one prefers Plan B. Luckily, the weatherman was spot on and the weather was gorgeous. My friend flew in a day after us and immediately began scouting the location for traffic and lighting conditions. We’ve been communicating via text throughout the day as I was stalling to get the green light from him. He was to be hiding behind the row of trees pretending to be a pesky tourist to take pictures of the proposal unnoticed. Once everything was in place, he gave me the green light and we proceeded to make our way to the South Gardens.

We arrived and the setting was beautiful! Nothing like the pixelated image I saw on Streetview. As she was lost and amazed by the scenery, I got down on one knee and fired away. She cried. Boy did she cry. For a moment there, I was concerned that tragedy struck, but her tears were from the likes of joy. Overwhelming joy. After what I felt like was a Millenia, she said Yes!

The rise to that moment was incomprehensible. Upon hearing her mutter the words “Yes”, I felt the 80 million ton weight lift off my shoulders. Weight lost, laughter ensued…

Everything went to plan and no one lost limbs. Job Done.

A big shout out to Rick and his crew @ Uptown Diamonds and Anthony from Composure Studios for your help and support. None of this would have been possible without you guys! Thank you!


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