Shane and Megan’s Fortune Cookie Proposal

Their Uptown Diamond Story

Megan and Shane met Rick Antona shortly after moving from Minneapolis to Houston. Even after visiting several jewelers in Minneapolis, the couple felt uneducated about what they should be looking for in a diamond. After connecting with Rick, they met at his office.

According to Shane, “We were both pleasantly surprised at how he took his time to educate us by explaining everything we needed to know about diamonds. We valued this experience, as we had not received this type of honesty and education anywhere else. Though I wasn’t ready to purchase a ring at the time, I knew that when I was, I would go to Rick.”

The Plan

A few months later Shane reached out to Rick to purchase Megan’s ring. Shane had an idea to propose with a fortune cookie, but was not sure how to produce the cookie. After hearing the idea, Rick personally ordered the fortune cookies and had them customized with “Will you marry me?”.

The Proposal According to Shane

I took Megan and our dog, Sasha, to surfside beach on a Saturday afternoon. We drove onto the beach and parked our car to enjoy a perfect, beautiful day together. The atmosphere was perfect. There was no one around us for at least a mile and I setup a picnic dinner of sushi, wine and dessert for the two of us. The sun began to slowly set around 4:45pm. Shortly after we finished our meal, I reached in the bag for “dessert” (the fortune cookie) and handed it to Megan. As she opened the cookie I could see her eyes scan the message “Will you marry me?” and I watched the look of surprise and happiness run across her face. I reached into my cooler to grab the ring and got down on one knee and asked her if she would marry me…and she said YES!

This by far was the greatest experience and I could not have done this without Rick…hands down. Megan absolutely loves her ring. She constantly has strangers coming up to her to compliment her on it. Just a couple of weeks ago a couple (whom we did not know) came up to us to look at the ring and asked if they could take pictures of it because it was exactly what they wanted. We are both constantly telling people about how wonderful our experience was with Rick and Uptown Diamond. Our wedding is scheduled for June 2014 and we are planning to incorporate the fortune cookie theme into the wedding reception…but this time, Rick won’t have to order them!

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