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I proposed to my girlfriend of three years, Emily, during a recent hike in a local State park. We met during law school at the University of Oklahoma when we both signed up to play intramural football. After graduation, work took me to Texas while Emily stayed in Oklahoma. As a couple we survived law school, taking the bar, and jobs in different states. Long distance relationships are difficult and I knew that she was the one for me, so it was time to propose. I needed to find the perfect ring, one that was deserving enough to be placed on the finger of the love of my life. However, as a first time diamond/ring buyer, I did not know where to turn. Fortunately, a friend of mine recommended I contact Rick at Uptown Diamond and the rest is history.

I picked the ring up on a Friday, knowing that Emily was coming to visit that weekend. I had already contacted her parents and informed them of my plans to propose to her the next morning. As Emily and I both share a love for the outdoors, I decided to propose to her by a secluded pond in the State forest. As my great timing would have it, it had rained heavily during the preceding week. After work that Friday, I rushed home, threw on my hunting boots and took off to scout the perfect location. It wasn’t too long before I found it and so long as the rain held off, my plan was perfect.

As luck would have it, as soon as Emily arrived later that evening, it started to pour. The only image in my head was the muddy roads we would now have to hike through to reach the location I previously scouted. I mentioned to her that a morning walk in the forest would be a great way to begin the day, and that although some spots might be muddy, the roads and trails would still be navigable.

The next morning I woke up, and much to my delight, was asked if I was ready for our walk. We arrived at the State forest, and fortunately the rains from the previous night did not make any of the roads and trails leading to the pond impassable. When we reached the pond, I told Emily we needed a picture of her and me, along with her ridiculous but hard not to love whippet, Grey. I told her that in order to get a full-scale picture, we would take a video and screen shot a picture from the video. I placed my phone on a tree trunk and let the camera roll.

We stood still for our obligatory picture, and then it was time. I reached for the ring in my pocket and dropped to a knee. As I asked Emily to marry me she gasped out of both shock and excitement and managed to squeak out a very eager “yes”. Her next words were “It’s beautiful!” as she stared at her new ring.

Working with Rick was a great experience. I would highly recommend him and Uptown Diamond to anyone looking for custom jewelry. I know Emily and I could not be happier.


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