Derrick & Tiffany Hughey

I cannot believe it! Almost a year ago, I was telling my cousin and his wife, “I’m ready to get married.” I did not know her name or even who she was. I just knew I was ready. Little did I know, my cousin, better yet, his wife, knew her well.

After endless late night phone conversations and countless trips to Washington, DC, I finally found her… Tiffany – the woman of my dreams, and the one I wanted to be my wife! I had been saving up for a new pair of golf clubs, but now I knew by savings had another purpose – I needed a ring.

I am a man of selective tastes, so before I make a decision of this importance, it is critical for me to know all my options and to seek out reputable and knowledgeable professionals who will share with me the information I need in order to make an informed decision.

So, I took Tiffany ring shopping to just about every retail jeweler I could think of, the notable and the infamous. Not only was I looking for the kind of ring she liked, but, also, the kind of ring that would leave a lasting impression on her for the rest of our lives.

Finally, I saw it – the sparkle in her eyes, so I went in search of who could customize the ring that could rival the sparkle in her eyes.

That led me to Uptown Diamond. Upon meeting Rick and Grayland, I knew they would help me make an informed decision and provide the quality and customization that I was looking for. They were phenomenal! I was impressed by their quality of service and extensive experience as gemologists.

After a few conversations and design revisions, I was thrilled when I had it in my hands – it was a classic and it sparkled! Its beauty – like my wife – was most exemplified by its natural brilliance and timeless design.

On April 16, 2014, Tiffany became my fiancée; on October 4, 2014, she became my wife. Then, it appeared, this time with a tear, the sparkle in her eyes!

Thanks Uptown Diamond for helping us make memories that will last a lifetime. Cheers to the next 50 years!

-Derrick and Tiffany Hughey


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Uptown Diamond is the absolute best place to find the perfect item to make anybody’s day. When it comes to custom jewelry, they are completely unmatched. My favorite part of the experience was how comfortable Grayland made me feel. He made sure I understood what the jargon means and... Read More »

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