Cloud Nine Proposal

Cesar and Rachel embarked on a journey to Scottsdale, Arizona towards the end of August. Rachel had no idea of the huge surprise that Cesar had planned for the upcoming week. They arrived in Scottsdale and traveled to the Fairmont Princess Resort to check into their luxurious suite and enjoy the Fairmont’s amenities. Cesar planned a lovely dinner at the on-site restaurant La Hacienda and invited friends Raul and Jacqueline to join them. They had an amazing five-star Tex-Mex dinner with great conversation and libations. The evening was magical and came to an end; Cesar and Rachel said goodbye to their friends and headed back to the suite to get some rest for the huge surprise that Cesar had planned for the following morning.

They planned to get up at 4:30AM to take off on an exciting excursion. Rachel couldn’t wait to find out what Cesar had planned for her. But all of this excitement came to an abrupt halt at 2 o’clock in the morning. Rachel woke up sweating, unable to breath and had extreme nausea. Excited for the huge surprise, Rachel mustered up the strength to push forward. Once the morning came, they walked together towards the front of the Fairmont Princess to the awaiting car. They drove to a local parking lot not far from the Fairmont. With very little strength, Rachel didn’t question anything that was going on and beelined for a Starbucks once they arrived.

As Rachel walked out of the Starbucks towards Cesar, she noticed a large black truck with a huge wooden basket on top of an attached trailer. Two gentlemen were standing with Cesar and talking as well as launching a small red balloon into the air. Rachel then knew what was going on.. They were about to take off on a hot air balloon ride! After a drive into the mountains, the gentlemen unpacked the balloon and began filling the balloon with cold air and then hot air for lift. The balloon was filled with warm air and rising! The guide said, “Jump in! It’s ready and we need to take off.” Cesar and Rachel climbed into the basket and the second guide unhooked the hot air balloon, and they slowly started to float up into the heavens. It was so exhilarating, Rachel forgot how sick she was feeling and enjoyed holding on for dear life to the balloon’s basket and Cesar. The air was so crisp and clean as they ascended higher into the air. Several balloons in the area were being launched and Cesar and Rachel watched them all together. Cesar, who is normally Superman and has nerves of steel, melted and became nervous. He sweetly turned Rachel to face him and then got down on one knee. Cesar almost forgot what he was going to say because he was so excited to tell her that he wants to marry her. The words barely made it out of his mouth and Rachel almost burst into tears as she gasped for air and forgot to speak. She shook her head yes and Cesar asked her again, “Is that a yes?” Rachel squeaked out a yes behind her hands and her tears of joy. He presented her with the beautiful ring, kissed her, and they exchanged a beautiful embrace. That’s what being on cloud 9 was like for them up in the heaves in a hot air balloon.

Hot Air Balloon[2]

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