Ben’s Proposal

Shannon and I met 2 years ago in January 2014. Or official “Anniversary Date” was January 29th. Last year I took Shannon to NYC for our 1 year anniversary, and she loved it so much that she wanted to make it a tradition and go every year. New York to her is a city of love, so naturally I figured that is where we should get engaged.

I got a ring designed and made by Rick at Uptown Diamonds in September of 2015, and held on to it until January of 2016. Shannon and I were planning our trip to NYC this year and she had no idea that my “lack of interest” in planning things was really to her benefit.

Saturday January 30, 2016, I woke up in the hotel room in NYC and decided that today is the day. I got ready and while she was getting ready I took the ring, a camera and a video camera and stuffed them in my coat. I then told her that I was going downstairs to talk to the concierge about a good bagel place that we could go to before starting our day…that was a lie.

I went downstairs and wrote a little note for Shannon to meet me at Bethesda Fountain in central park, and had the concierge play along and take the letter up to her, then I got in a cab and took off. They delivered the letter to Shannon and she was more so shocked that I left without her. I am sure she had a multitude of thoughts and emotions going on in her head.

She went downstairs when she was ready and asked the guy at the front desk if there was someone talking about bagels, and they said yes there is a great bagel place in Central Park and that she should go there. She was definitely confused and kind of on edge as she thought I was playing some sort of prank on her. Shannon then decided to walk there…18 blocks…

The weather that morning couldn’t have been more perfect. I was waiting patiently and texting her asking if she had left yet or how close she was to the fountain. At one point she told me that I better not eat a bagel without her, so I knew she was still at least a little surprised and didn’t know what was going on. I saw a lady standing near the fountain and asked her if she would take some pictures, as I was about to propose to my girlfriend, and she was more than happy to.

Shannon came down the stairs at the fountain and I had a video camera rolling and a lady taking pictures. I honestly couldn’t get anything out that I had planned on saying. The only thing I knew is that I wanted to ask her to marry me. I got down on my knee and popped the question. Shannon was extremely surprised and it couldn’t have been more perfect for us.

Shannon was obsessed with the ring and the quality. Rick and the team at Uptown Diamonds definitely hooked it up on this ring, and it will be something cherished for many years.


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