A Pink Diamond for Mother’s Day

This past Mother’s Day, Uptown Diamond played a vital role in creating the perfect Mother’s Day gift. The goal was to find a gem as unique as the mother receiving it, and there was no better choice than a brilliant pink diamond.

Considering that the supply of natural pink diamonds is expected to be depleted in the next decade, both the demand and cost of these stones is rapidly rising. At that heart of this particular Mother’s Day gift is an extremely rare 1.08 carat oval pink diamond, rated as “natural fancy intense pink” by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). According to the GIA, one in 1,000 diamonds has a fancy color; and since the scarcity of a fancy diamond increases with the intensity of its color, most jewelers will never get a glimpse of a diamond quite like this one.

Uptown Diamond’s client, who wishes to remain anonymous, collaborated on the design of the necklace named Ice Drop. We’re proud to share the story of how Ice Drop came to be, as told by the thoughtful husband himself:

My sweet wife Ann has always been very modest, and certainly tasteful in her choice of jewelry. She has never really been a “jewelry person” or one who goes for any material thing that may possibly draw attention or appear extravagant or unnecessary. She is generally conservative, choosing things with great class and taste. I’m her one exception! We’ve known each other for 38 years (36 of which we have been married). Through all that wonderful time, I’ve always encouraged her, in various forms, to push the envelope of her comfort zone.

Through many years of persistent effort, I finally got her to put away her inexpensive small diamond engagement ring. I bought it for her way back when we barely could afford to eat, and she was and is extremely attached to it. I replaced it with nearly a 1ct round high quality diamond. She liked it — it made her smile! I thought to myself, “Ah ha!” I can start working this some. And I did! In methodical measure and timing, I upgraded the 1ct on the ring to a 2ct. I also paired the 1ct with another 1ct of the same quality for beautiful stud earrings. A while later, I upgraded the 2ct ring to a 3ct (which, as of today, she is still wearing). I used the 2ct to design necklaces, which I will later describe. You see, given her personality, I had to slowly work her up from the little 1/4ct engagement ring to the 3 ct. My goal, however, is to very secretively work her to a 4ct, for which I have some more ideas and work to do!

My goal of using the diamonds whenever an upgrade occurred led to the necklace projects. Design objectives, of course, were driven by her personality characteristics of simplicity, elegance, versatile functionality, and conservative and somewhat frugal nature. Her Christian spirit, smile, and beautiful salt ‘n pepper hair were also important elements of creating the design. This was the start of the necklace projects, the creative design of which I so greatly enjoy! I’m sure there will be more to come.

Necklace 1 – “The Solitaire” is a simple diamond pendant. I used the 2ct diamond with a simple 14k white gold collar. The Solitaire has a very classy and elegant look with lots of versatility. Ann comfortably wears it casually or formally.

Necklace 2 – “Ichthus” is a 2ct diamond surrounded by black diamond diamonds. Wanting to provide a different look while capturing the essence of the diamond, I conveyed to Rick Antona a design concept I had. The concept was to create a mechanism by which the 2ct diamond could be “wrapped” or, in essence, become the center of a variety of pendant designs of differing types and colors of stones. The idea was initially driven by the notion of allowing Ann to continue to wear the diamond in her solitaire necklace, but also for her to be able to remove and use that same diamond to be worn in the Ichthus necklace (ultimately without having to buy another expensive diamond). Rick took the idea from concept to fruition, design-engineering the perfect mechanism arrangement and allowing the diamond to be securely inserted in a floating-like manner into a surrounding piece.

Necklace 3 – “Curiosity” is a 2ct diamond surrounded by an inverted, exaggerated question mark with an aquamarine stone inlay. I had been toying with a sweeping, question mark-like design. I sent several hand-drawn sketches to Rick, and he dutifully made every attempt to capture my idea in art form. After several iterations to make it look more “sweeping” and less question mark-like, I realized the idea, though it was creatively different, was just not working. So I basically put it on hold — for some time, actually. As I saw jewelry, I wondered about the drivers of the design and how it could be worn. I began thinking of ideas or concepts as I looked and wondered. Eventually, I saw a piece which more or less captured what I was striving for in my sweeping question mark design, but with one key difference: it was flipped or turned upside down! I conveyed this to Rick, and true to form, he did the artwork with my question mark design flipped with aquamarine stones surrounding the 2ct diamond! Perfect!

Necklace 4 – “The Ice Drop” necklace features a beautiful pink diamond surrounded by numerous smaller diamonds. I again started envisioning different shapes for a pendant that would achieve a “Wow” factor while maintaining elegance and simplicity. I started thinking about surrounding a diamond I had used for Ann’s prior necklace in a tear drop- like pendant inlaid with small diamonds — an “ice-drop”. I shared the design concept with Rick; he did the artwork along with having a wax model made using the 2ct white diamond. I’m very glad he did the model because when I saw it, I did not like it at all! The pendant was too thick. Also, the diamond was seemingly getting lost, surrounded by all the other smaller diamonds. Too much overall “ice”, if you will. The thin, dainty and elegant effect I had envisioned became thick and gaudy (in my mind). So, I mentally started playing with the length of the pendant. I envisioned replacing the surrounding diamonds with colored stones, thinking it would cause the center diamond to pop. One of the colors that really looks great on Ann is pink —not just any pink, mind you — but a very ice pink. The only stones that achieved the look were pink diamonds. Although we were getting closer to achieving what I was after, the pendant was still too thick & bulky, not at all elegantly thin. I recall Rick saying, “You know, what you could do is use a smaller pink diamond in the middle and surround it with small white diamonds. That way, we could get it thinner.” My thoughts, in order, were 1) Yep, that would work, and, 2) Ohhhh…that’s gonna cost. Can’t hide it on this one! I’ll never get her to go for it! Well, I did it anyway, truthfully convincing her that the pink is an investment and she should look at it as an asset diversification (much like real estate, only better).

So here we are with yet another awesome piece!

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