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Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Houston 

Yellow gold is a pure and natural material but due to the soft nature of natural gold, alloys are added to provide durability which is necessary to keep shape throughout daily wear. 

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Our Yellow Gold Wedding Bands Houston Creations

In gold's purest form it weighs 24 karats and is a deep yellow/nearly orange shade of gold. As alloys are added, the material becomes more durable and less pure so you will see gold being called 18k or 14k or 10k. The lower the number, the less pure gold, the more alloys, the more durable the gold becomes. You'll also notice the lower the karat weight the less orange and more of a soft yellow the gold becomes due to the silver alloys strengthening the material. 

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At Uptown Diamond we help bring your vision to life with the help of 3D technology. Our in-house graphic design team and several 3D printers aid us in this process and our in-house seasoned bench jewelers provide the finishing touches. Learn more about this process and even get started building your custom engagement ring with our Custom Engagement Ring Creator.

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With decades of top-notch expertise, our gemologists will walk you through the 4 c’s of diamond purchasing.

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The cut of a diamond does not refer to the shape of the diamond but refers to the stone’s finished proportions, symmetry, and polish. The beauty of a diamond is fully realized by its cut, and it is a significant factor in determining a stone’s value. Even if you have a beautiful rough stone that is a perfectly colorless diamond of the highest grade, if it isn’t cut properly, it won’t be considered desirable or exhibit its maximum potential.

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