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Why Our Stones POP!: From Stone Setting to Final Shine


“Pop” Star

We know Alberto is our Jedi, Ivan and Manuel our Ninjas and Veronica our Princess.  That makes Pops our Obi-Wan Kenobi!  A mentor and Master Jeweler “Pops” is the man that our entire custom jewelry team look up to and admire.  When you receive your perfectly set diamond ring, you can be assured that’s “Pops” workmanship! A third generation jeweler, his smile and love for the craft fill a room.

[“Pops” at work.]
“I learned jewelry making from my father. I love this business!” – Pops


Holster That Ring!

Once the jewelry piece has been cast and polished, Pops places it in a Ring Holster, or clamp, to hold it in place while he begins to set the stones. The clamp holds the ring firmly without marring. He carefully picks up the stone with a wax stick then sets it into the prong.


[Ring Holster before setting the stone and Wax stick used to grab stones to set]


The Finish Line!


It’s time to set a bed for the diamond or stone using a high speed Graver.  Pops will use a beading tool to make sure the stone fits perfectly. This may take several attempts to get it just right. Once the stone fits perfectly into the bed the prongs are closed around the stone using jewelry pliers. Pops will then grind the prongs to make them smooth and even. He will then make the prongs even smoother by using a rubber polisher.


[Cleaning the bed with a beading tool and Finishing with a Rubber Polisher]


Once the stones are set and the jewelry piece has been polished one last time, it is ready to meet its owner!  If you have been following the custom jewelry process through our series of blog posts you will see that there is a lot of work and many talented people involved in a custom, handmade piece of jewelry.  Uptown Diamond is very proud that all of their work is done in-house. You can trust that only a few very skilled hands will ever touch your jewelry during the process.


[Stones set and ready for final polish]