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Some couples shop for an engagement ring together. Some partners search store to store looking for the perfect ring. Others inherit heirloom rings to treasure always, but the couple that wants something unique and one-of-a-kind come to Uptown Diamond!

It’s no wonder Uptown Diamond has a steady flow of 5 star ratings. Their attention to detail, exemplary customer service and state of the art 3D technology sets them apart from all the rest! Their work is truly “custom” but what does that really entail? For the first time ever, the Uptown Diamond team is going to break down the custom jewelry process and take us behind the curtain to experience what it’s like to be a client from beginning to end.

Let’s Start from the Beginning

Decades of dedicated craftsmanship and industry expertise form the Uptown Diamond foundation. The magic begins in a tucked away suite in the lobby of a 25 story office building on San Felipe near the Galleria. On a daily basis, an elite sales team consisting of master jewelers and diamond experts are busy creating custom jewelry that will bring their clients pride and joy for years to come.


Front Entrance to Sage Plaza at 5151 San Felipe, Hou, TX 77056
Front entrance to Sage Plaza at 5151 San Felipe, Houston, TX 77056


The client makes an appointment to meet with a diamond expert. Once at Uptown Diamond, it only takes a moment to realize what great taste and style the proprietors have. Hung on the walls you will find the UD team photographed with Presidents, celebrities, professional and college athletes and more. Every corner brings a new surprise at the quality of clientele Uptown Diamond has worked with! Excitement builds from the moment you walk through the door until you sit down to visit with the experts.


Owner, Rick Antona's office / The comfy, yet modern Uptown Diamond lounge area
LEFT:  Owner, Rick Antona’s office   |   RIGHT:  The comfy, yet modern Uptown Diamond lounge area


All Ideas Are Welcome and Encouraged

Some clients come with photos, sketches or ideas in their head of what they would like to create. All ideas are welcome and encouraged. The experts will show ring samples, 3D molds, stone variations and metal types during this first visit. According to expert, Grayland Noah, “There has never been a design request that we could not honor.” Why is “custom” important? “We create a ring that fits your diamond” says Noah. Once you choose your diamond the Uptown Diamond team will design and manufacture a ring that fits the diamond size and shape perfectly. Often times that’s what’s missing at your typical store front jeweler. Of course, the Lifetime Guarantee allows the “surprise” ring given at proposal to be changed or adjusted as needed once the recipient.

You’ll find this a very different experience from the typical, stand in line and wait for the next available sales person, scour the jewelry case and find something close to what you really want and love, type of exchange.

This is a purposeful, one-on-one appointment where the spotlight is on the client: their unique desires and needs. It’s the beginning of a journey to the perfect custom ring!


Tools of the trade! Initial visit.
Tools of the trade! Initial visit.


Diamond Education Sets Us Apart from Other Jewelers

Diamond education is a huge part of what sets Uptown Diamond apart from other jewelers. It’s important to the team that as a client you understand what the 4 C’s mean, or why a certain shape of diamond might look better on your finger. You will learn about Diamond Grading Reports (Diamond Certification), Warranties and Guarantees, and the importance of working with a jeweler certified by The Gemological Institute of America. In fact, diamond education is so important to the experts at Uptown Diamond, that owner Rick Antona wrote a book, “The Perfect Diamond Buying Guide”, to share years of experience and knowledge with his clients.


Color: The body color or absence of color
Clarity: The gem’s degree of flawlessness
Cut: The stone’s proportions
Carat: The weight/size of the gem

Written by Uptown Diamond owner, Rick Antona

Finally, the sales team, having gathered all the information they need to begin, will call in their Master CAD Designer to approve client design. At this step, any necessary changes will be made, and it’s on to production. And so it begins!

As Rick Antona stated in “The Perfect Diamond Buying Guide,” “when it comes to engagement rings or any piece of custom jewelry, you will encounter an abundance of choices, so the more knowledgeable and prepared you are, the easier it will be to identify the right jeweler and enjoy the process.”

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5151 San Felipe, Suite 150 Houston TX 77056

Our office is located in the Sage Plaza building at 5151 San Felipe Suite 150 Houston, TX 77056 (behind Ciao Bello restaurant in between S. Post Oak and Sage). From the front entrance we are immediately to your left in the lobby.

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