The Perfect Polish: Custom Jewelry Finishing Touches

Meet the Polishing Princess

Meet Uptown Diamond’s finishing expert, Veronica Lara. If Alberto is the Jewelry Jedi and Ivan and Manuel Ninjas, than Veronica is definitely the Polishing Princess!


Veronica Lara, Professional Jewelry Polisher

A skilled artisan, Veronica uses a wide array of machines and hand held tools to remove uneven or rustic surfaces from gold, platinum or silver. She has been the “Polishing Princess” at Uptown Diamond for the past four years. Through years of experience, a finishing expert with techniques like Veronica’s can truly unlock the beauty of precious metal.

“I love my job! I like to polish and see how jewelry looks when finished” – Veronica Lara


Rough Around the Edges

Once the rough castings have been cut from the host tree and the connections  ground down, it’s time for Veronica to bring the shine! She will begin with the Foredom machine, using the sanding tool to begin the first stage of polishing. The silicone cylinder smooths out rough areas which can take approximately 45 minutes to an hour per ring. It is possible to polish jewelry with stones but only with the utmost caution.


Left: Host tree, Center: Foredom Sanding Machine, Right: Veronica with Sanding Tool

Turning a Corner

For jewelry with sharp corners or flat surfaces, Lapping is the next step in the polishing process. Lapping involves using condensed felt with polishing compounds. As Veronica’s hands get dirtier, the jewelry shines brighter!


Lapping Machine with Polishing Compound

The Girl’s Got Skills

It was very exciting to see Veronica’s hands in and out of the various polishing machines and stages.  She knows exactly what she is doing and moves through the process with ease and expertise! During buffing, one of the last steps, little to no metal is removed and you can really begin to see the shine. Using a blue polishing compound, Veronica’s hands move inside the buffing station like a surgeon with her instruments.


Veronica Getting her Hands Dirty During the Final Stages of Polishing

Shine On

Nearing the finish line, the piece by now has been through the “ringer,” pun intended.  Its well-deserved Ultrasonic bath is waiting. The jewelry will be immersed in the Ultrasonic cleaner to remove any polishing compound or sanding residue. The jewelry is rinsed under water and then hit with the steamer. Quick bursts of steam hit the newly polished jewelry revealing all of Veronica’s hard work.  The owner of this fine piece of custom jewelry will marvel at its beauty, perhaps never truly knowing the precision and expertise behind its shine (but you will!).


Left: Ultrasonic Cleaner, Center: Steam cleaning, Right: Polished ring

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