Not Your Grandfather’s Cuff Links…Or Are They?

“In 1927 my Grandfather Raymond G. Schoettelkotte and his brother John bought an old general store in Lawrenceville Indiana. Schoettelkotte Brother’s General Store was born. The two brothers worked hard and had large families, Grandpa with 5 kids and John had 6. My grandpa and my Grandma raised their 5 children in the residence over the store. So the store served as both the family’s livelihood and their home. The store and the men who ran it had a rich history. During Prohibition Grandpa sold sugar to John Dillinger for the stills he had hidden all over rural Indiana. Good store customers could always get wine, moonshine or home brew at the store as Grandpa would take care of his best customers during this time. Sadly his brother John passed away leaving Aunt Regina to raise 6 young children on her own. Grandpa retired and sold the store to my Dad, Raymond J. Schoettelkotte in 1980. At that time my Dad negotiated a buyout with Aunt Regina and her adult children for my Grandpa. In 1980 I was 12 and so while we lived in Chicago and Dad worked at FMC Corporation, we spent our weekends in Indiana at the store working and yes playing in the country. In 1996 the store was lost in a fire and was permanently closed. Much of the inventory and treasures from within the store were saved as were the massive wood beams that were used to build this historic old building. At different times over the years the store had also served as the post office. In 2008 I took possession of the land and remaining buildings on the property. I grew up playing in the store and working in and around it. The store and the 7 acres it sits on have remained very special to me and the rest of the family. We keep the grounds very well kept and almost every time I get on the tractor to mow the property a couple people will drive by and stop and tell me stories about how they so enjoyed coming to the store and sometimes stories about me or even my Dad growing up.

The beautiful cuff links that Uptown Diamond created really represent three generations of entrepreneurs because in 1999, I started and founded Manhattan Resources a company now 17+ years old. The cuff links were crafted from the original square nails that were used to construct the store and the wood in the cuff links is from those beams that were the primary skeleton of the original building. Three generations of Schoettelkottes are represented creating a new family treasure that will be cherished by generations to come. My son Raymond J. Schoettelkotte one day will have these and be the fourth generation to carry forward the family’s history of hard work and family business.”

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