Alli and Danny Proposal Story

We set off for NYC on a Friday morning. It was my birthday present from Danny. I had no huge expectations; I just planned to re-visit my old stomping grounds from when I lived there years before, and make some new memories.

We eventually got settled into the Empire Hotel near Columbus Circle, and spent Friday evening with friends in Tribeca. We woke up Saturday morning a little later than I’d hoped. I was meeting my girlfriends for lunch at noon, but Danny insisted we go to Central Park beforehand. So we strolled a few blocks over to the Park, and then, with bagels in hand, scoured it for a nice spot to enjoy our breakfast. It took a while, because at that hour, Central Park’s fields are surrounded by locked gates, lined with trash bags, or full of residents, who we thought it best to not disturb. Time was ticking, and I still needed to get ready for lunch.

Eventually, we found a good spot on a rock, just near Sheep’s Meadow. There, Danny got down on his knee and proposed. The ring, and more importantly, the guy, were better than I had imagined. I could be a little late to lunch, to savor the best memory in NYC to date




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