Our 3D Printing: Dynamic Decadent, Dramatic!

From the Computer to the Printer

As our custom jewelry blog series continues we are back with Uptown Diamond’s Master CAD Designer, Alberto Chavez.  The client design rendering has been approved and it’s time to send it to the 3D Printer! Before sending,  Alberto will wait for the stone to check the dimensions to make sure that the stone fits perfectly in the prong. As you will see their process is truly custom. (Even a 1 carat diamond could vary in shape from other 1 carat diamonds)


 3d Printer software places waxes in the plate before printing

State of the Art 3D Printing

The ProJet CPX 3500 and ProJet CPX 3600 are ready and waiting to create another stunning, one of a kind design. The ProJet 3600 is faster than the 3500 and can print more waxes in less time.  The Uptown Diamond team is consistently improving their systems and technology to be leaders in custom jewelry design.

There are multiple methods of 3D printing technology, and what they have in common is that it is an additive process whereby objects are carefully created one layer at a time. The process is repeated layer by layer till the object is completely printed. (The Perfect Diamond Buying Guide)

Master CAD Designer, Alberto Chavez at the 3D Printer

“I enjoy designing and creating pieces.” Says Alberto.   It can take 10 hours to create a championship ring with the 3D printer. “I enjoy creating championship rings the most, they are more challenging!” 

Alberto has worked with CAD design for 10 years. He’s an architect and says that Auto CAD was the base for all his training.

Last Stop Before Casting

The silver plate sits in the 3D Printing chamber and the print heads above do their work.  The black canisters on the right hold the wax and the white canisters on the left hold the “Support” liquid. Once the printing is complete you are left with the “Blue Wax” which will head downstairs to the new “Jewelry Design Center” for Casting.

The ProJet  CPX3500 3D Printer and components

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