Every piece of jewelry at Uptown Diamond is custom-created to suit the precise tastes of our clients. Our team offers a transparent process so that you feel confident and comfortable making the purchase. We promise unparalleled quality and service.

Our trusted, gemologists are dedicated to delivering personalized service through expert guidance, diamond education, and quality design. We are always happy to discuss any questions you may have regarding choosing your stone.

1. Initial Consultation | Diamond Education

In our first meeting, we will discuss your budget, style preferences, and timeline then use this information as the starting point for the creation of a piece of jewelry you will be proud of. We will also educate you on the 4 C’s of diamond education.

2. Begin the Design Process

Over the last decade, we have integrated the most cutting edge technology and equipment, such as CAD software. CAD software allows us to create a 3D image (artwork) on the computer for you to review every surface of their ring. Changes can be easily made to ensure you are getting exactly what they want.

3. Print the Wax Model

Once you approve the design, a 3D wax model of their design is printed from one of our many 3D printers. This is generally done overnight due to the duration of time it takes to print (averaging 8 hours). The 3D printer prints in two wax materials. One wax is more durable and is your design. The secondary wax is used to help the durable wax keep its shape while the remainder of the piece prints. This secondary wax is melted off once the wax is done printing and is completely cooled leaving a wax model.

4. Cast in Metal

The wax model is then placed into a strong, plaster-like material. The wax is burned out leaving a mold. The metal of choice is then poured into the cavity. Once cooled, it is ready for setting.

5. Set Gemstones

Our master bench jewelers with generations of experience will set and secure each gemstone by hand in the casted metal setting. After setting stones, it is always our policy to clean and polish for ultimate brilliance when you come to pick up!

After Your Purchase

When the piece is ready for pick-up, we will present you with our Lifetime Guarantee. We offer a complimentary annual check-up and cleaning as part of our Diamond Bond. We will also provide you information on getting your diamond insured.

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5151 San Felipe, Suite 150 Houston TX 77056

Our office is located in the Sage Plaza building at 5151 San Felipe Suite 150 Houston, TX 77056 (behind Ciao Bello restaurant in between S. Post Oak and Sage). From the front entrance we are immediately to your left in the lobby.

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