Sami S

YELP Review

Grayland and the Uptown Diamond team really got me out of a huge pickle and I couldn’t be more thankful. I had spent an exorbitant amount of time researching and reading about diamonds and the perfect ring for my fiance. I had gone to a multitude of different vendors and jewelers around the city to get an idea and I thought I was set when I arrived at Diamond Cutters International actually after working with Fred. I was so close to signing the dotted line for a ring there that the pen was in my hand when I hesitated and eventually got out. This isn’t the place to complain about another company, but let’s just say there were way too many sales techniques and pressure pushed on at the last moment that made me say no and get out.

When I got out I had no idea what I had just done because I had very limited time to make a purchase. As I was still in the lobby of Diamond Cutters I realized there was one last place I needed to try: Uptown Diamond. The guys at Uptown mostly all came from DCI and they came with good reason after having experiencing the oddness only an hour earlier. Needless to say, I was able to secure a meeting with Grayland very easily and I was treated significantly better from the time I called to the time I left. Everyone there is easy to talk to and you don’t get a strange vibe like I had previously experienced. Grayland and I were able to make a custom design I wanted based on another I had seen at a significantly better price.

The amount of knowledge they have about diamonds is impressive and it will shatter your perception of any other jeweler you visit while ring shopping. Zadoks, Blue Nile, Robbins Brothers, you name it, they’ll beat it easily and point out all their flaws which you can easily identify for yourself. I’ll be honest. At the time of this purchase I am in my 20’s and can only afford so much. Uptown will work with your budget and make sure you get the best bang for your buck. Sure I can get a 2ct round diamond at Jareds or Robbins Brothers just down the street, but I’ll be sure that it won’t have anywhere remotely the same cut and quality of Uptown. Ask yourself, do you want quality, or do you just want the biggest rock you can find regardless of how it looks?

Long story short: There’s no reason to go to any other shop because Uptown will beat it with quality. I already did that and it was very wasteful. Save yourself the time and trouble.

Thanks again Grayland and the Uptown Diamond team for an easy process and a job well done!

Holt M

YELP Review

Lindsey and her team at Uptown Diamond were incredibly helpful throughout the entire engagement ring process. She educated me on the 4 C’s and helped me customize the perfect ring for my now fiancé. I would highly recommend Lindsey and her team to anyone looking for the most knowledgeable and friendly diamond experts in the business. I couldn’t have asked for a more seamless process and have every intention to use Uptown Diamond in the future.

Matt M

YELP Review

Wish there were more stars to select!! My experience was truly amazing!! Rick was incredible, I told him what I had in mind and the end result was stunning! They walked me through the entire process from design to completion. The best part about the experience was the look on my fiancé’s face when she saw the ring. Would absolutely recommend Uptown Diamond to anyone looking for the perfect ring!

Hunter E

YELP Review

Rick was knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. He was receptive and attentive to our desires and ideas while designing our wedding bands. He and his team beautifully crafted our rings. She and I receive lots of compliments, and couldn’t be happier!

David V

YELP Review

Uptown Diamond helped bring my vision for an engagement ring to life. I went to a dozen places and I was either treated poorly or underwhelmed by the quality of diamonds. Buying a quality diamond takes research, but most of all it is about building trust with an experienced jeweler. Uptown Diamond not only has great diamonds, but they are creative with designs to make sure your ring will be unique. Grayland and his team have now become friends and we know they think of us as more than just clients. Please save yourself some time dealing with all the riff raff jewelers. Everyone has a “guy”, but remember you get what you pay for. Uptown will work with you on a decent price for a well above average diamond ring. Good luck and make sure to give Grayland a hard time any chance you get!

Jeff S

YELP Review

I bought an engagement ring from these guys a while back (Dec 2015), and couldn’t be happier.  They were very easy to work with, and made me the exact ring I wanted (at a fair price).  We also got our wedding bands from them as well.  I highly recommend.

Dakar G

YELP Review

Grayland has been my diamond guy for 19 years and counting.  It all started with the purchase of my wife’s engagement ring and the rest is history!  He took the time to educate me about the 4 Cs and was willing to work within my budget.   Great quality and service!  Can’t beat it!

Michael M

YELP Review

Rick and Uptown Diamonds is the definition of customer service. He only wanted to help me find the ring and nothing more. The process was so nice and easy. A CAD rendering is sent first for review and then a 3D print is shown with the diamond, and then the actual ring comes in! I 100% recommend anyone coming here for a ring and no where else.

Chris H

YELP Review

Lindsey Schultz made this experience all the merrier. She really has a personal touch and knows how not to pressure you into buying something outside of your means. This is a pivotal moment in a couples’ lives so pressure can certainly get the best of you. I truly appreciate all of the help and look forward to buying my engagement band from her soon! Thanks again Lindsey!!

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I found Uptown Diamond through a reference from a friend, and he wasn’t lying when he said it would be the best decision I made to go to Uptown for my engagement ring. I am very inexperienced in this area, and Matt Hall made the process extremely easy on... Read More »


YELP Review

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