Determining a diamond’s quality: Cut

The cut of a diamond does not refer to the shape of the diamond, but refers to the stone’s finished proportions, symmetry and polish. The beauty of a diamond is fully realized by its cut, and it is a significant factor in determining a stone’s value. Even if you have a beautiful rough stone that is a perfect colorless diamond of the highest grade, if it isn’t cut properly, it won’t be considered desirable or exhibit its maximum potential.


Correct Cut

When a diamond is cut correctly, light enters the diamond through the table (the top of the diamond), reflected off of the perfectly angled surfaces of the diamond, and returned back through the table of the diamond.


Shallow Cut

If a diamond is cut too shallow, light enters the diamond but is not reflected back through the table. Rather, it “leaks” out of the bottom of the stone resulting in a dull or glassy stone. Some areas where the light is escaping may be seen as dark spots.


Deep Cut

If a diamond is cut too deep, light enters, but is reflected poorly and escapes out of the side.

Factors like brilliance can only be fully realized in person. Not only does purchasing a diamond online take the magic out of the experience, you can only really determine the quality diamond’s cut by looking at the diamond firsthand and experiencing of how light moves through it.

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